The Right Bullet Brings Home the Biltong!

Shooting Stuff offers a variety of hunting bullets, so make sure that you select the right bullet for your hunting ammo.

Shooting Stuff is a specialty reloading shop, and we strive to ensure that you have the components you need to load hunting ammo perfect for the quarry you're after. We stock bullets from Frontier, Hornady, Lapua, Sierra, Speer, etc. in most of the popular - and some less popular - calibers and weights.  

Due to worldwide shortages, not all bullets are reliably available in SA right now. So, consider alternatives to your time-proven loads. Modern technological improvements might surprise you in terms of both accuracy and terminal performance!

Hunting bullets are available on our website at reduced online-only prices, and remember that shipping is free for orders over R1000.

Hornady does extensive research and testing on bullet construction and ballistics and shares much of this on The Hornady Podcast. Jonathan has learnt a lot from these podcasts and his YouTube video on bullet construction is an excellent summary of what he's discovered. Subscribe to Shooting Stuff's YouTube channel to keep updated.

Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, visit our website to see all the hunting bullets and reloading components Shooting Stuff has available for your 2023 hunting season.

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