It's Hunting Season

Did you know that hunting season in South Africa is all the months without an 'R' - May, June, July and August?

Shooting Stuff is a specialty reloading shop, and we prefer you to reload your own hunting ammo. But sometimes we are happy to let the good people at S&B | Federal | Hornady | Fiocchi | etc. do the work for you (PMP too, but right now they can't, shan't, won't, don't!) Get your factory-fresh hunting ammo from Shooting Stuff in Centurion. We have a variety of hunting ammo in most of the popular calibers available on the shelves.

Did you know that you can buy hunting ammo on our website at reduced online-only prices? RAM Hand to Hand Courier ships ammo all over South Africa, at R550 for up to 10kg (rural surcharge may apply). We will arrange courier shipping for you, once we have received a copy of your firearm license. Unless you have dedicated status, please remember that the quantity of ammo you may possess / purchase is restricted by the Firearms Control Act. Talk to us if you need guidance.

Hunting ammo is not only useful for bringing home the biltong, but it looks really good too. Take a look at this short video on Shooting Stuff's YouTube channel - just because...

Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, visit our website to see all the hunting ammo and the reloading options we have available for your 2023 hunting season.

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