About Us

About Us

Shooting Stuff TeamShooting Stuff Team

Shooting Stuff is a family owned gun store, specialising in sport shooting and reloading.

The journey began in 1995 when Jonathan Fouché founded Shooting Stuff.

After buying a Dillon Precision XL 650 progressive reloading machine for himself early in 1995, a friend wanted the same and that led to Jonathan becoming a Dillon dealer in South Africa.

Jonathan and Lorraine share ownership of the company. Both are qualified engineers with experience in the South African defence industry.

Jonathan is a self-taught, experienced reloading expert, with specialist knowledge of loading high volumes of reliable, high-quality ammunition, in both handgun and rifle calibres. His expertise covers all the equipment from Dillon Precision, a variety of specialist reloading dies and the more automated reloading systems from Mark 7 (now owned by the Lyman Corporation).

Shooting Stuff is a factory authorised service centre for both Dillon and Lyman, so is able to support our clients with expert advice, as well as technical support in-house or on-site. 

With extensive national and international relationships, Shooting Stuff has access to a variety of reloading equipment, reloading components, firearms and ammunition from Europe and the USA, and strives to be your trustworthy supplier, the one you can rely upon.

At Shooting Stuff, we love to shoot! We love helping others shoot too, which is why we are building Africa’s finest on-line gunshop, and Centurion’s preferred local gunshop with an indoor shooting range.

Shooting Stuff offers:

  • Reloading Equipment
  • Reloading Components
  • Ammunition
  • Firearm Sales (New & Pre-owned)
  • Firearm Accessories
  • Firearm Parts and Upgrades
  • Holsters and Accessories
  • Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance Products
  • Firearm Safes
  • Optics
  • Clothing and Equipment 
  • Indoor Shooting Range


Shooting Stuff TeamShooting Stuff Team

We offer great service and quality products that we can support now, and into the future.

Shooting Stuff – giving you more time to shoot!