Load Development

Load Development

Our Load Development Service entails a meticulous process that involves fine-tuning ammunition to achieve the best performance in terms of accuracy, consistency and reliability for a specific firearm. This process is commonly undertaken by competitive shooters, hunters and firearm enthusiasts who reload their own ammunition.

Load Development is the process of experimenting with different components and configurations of ammunition to optimise the performance for a specific firearm. The key components include:

  • Bullet: Type, weight and design.
  • Powder: Type and charge weight.
  • Primer: Type and brand.
  • Case: Brand, preparation and condition.
  • Overall Length (OAL): Seating depth of the bullet in the case.

Our shooting load development service is a detailed process that requires patience and attention to detail. Our skilled sales staff and technicians carefully select the components, methodically test the loads and analyse the results in order to develop ammunition that optimises the performance of your firearm.

Contact us to discuss any load development requirements you may have.