Legal Constraints


Legal Constraints when buying Ammunition

Defined by FCA, Act 60 of 2000


Ammunition is defined and governed by the Firearms Control Act (FCA), Act 60 of 2000 as amended. For convenience we have copied the relevant sections below.

Please note:

1. Airgun ammunition (pellets) and inert training ammunition (a.k.a. snap caps, dummy rounds) are unrestricted and may be freely ordered in any quantity with or without a firearm license.
2. Should you order cartridges (a.k.a. live ammunition) from Shooting Stuff, we require proof of your license(s) for a firearm(s) capable of discharging that ammunition.
  a. We need the license information when you collect, or before we can ship these goods.
  b. You can send a copy to us via e-mail or WhatsApp.
  c. We’ll shortly provide the opportunity to upload this information to your secure Shooting Stuff account.
3. Restrictions on Ammunition
  a. In terms of Section 91(1) of the FCA, Shooting Stuff may supply no more than 200 cartridges at any one time, per firearm license, to “occasional” firearm owners,
    i. Most firearm owners would likely fall into this category
    ii. If you hold a section 13 (self-defence) and/or section 15 (occasional sport shooting / hunting) license and/or section 17 (private collector) license and/or Section 18 permit to collect ammunition.
  b. In terms of Section 91(2)(a) of the FCA, this limit does not apply if you are “dedicated”, i.e. a dedicated sport shooter, dedicated hunter or professional hunter. You may buy as many primers as you need.
    i. We accept Section 16 or 16A “white” licenses as proof of dedicated status.
    ii. We also accept proof of dedicated status from your accredited association, even if you don’t have a section 16 “white” license.
    iii. Old “green” licenses issued under the Arms and Ammunition Act are still valid (ref: SA Hunters Court Case), and have no quantity restrictions associated with them.
  c. If you hold a permit to possess more ammunition, issued in terms of Section 91(2)(a) of the FCA, please supply us with a copy of that permit when purchasing more than the restricted quantity.
4. Should we detect that you have ordered items in contravention with our policies or any law, we will contact you to resolve the issue. So, don’t worry if all this sounds complicated – Shooting Stuff will help you to do things right!
We draw your attention to the following definition(s) and section(s) in the Firearms Control Act, Act 60 of 2000 as amended. Our emphasis has been added.
ammunition” means a primer or complete cartridge;
90. Prohibition of possession of ammunition
No person may possess any ammunition unless he or she -
  a) holds a licence in respect of a firearm capable of discharging that ammunition;
  b) holds a permit to possess ammunition;
  c) holds a dealer's licence, manufacturer's licence, gunsmith's licence, import, export or in-transit permit or transporter's permit issued in terms of this Act; or
  d) is otherwise authorised to do so.
91. Restrictions on possession of ammunition
  1) The holder of a licence to possess a firearm referred to in Chapter 6 may not possess more than 200 cartridges for each firearm in respect of which he or she holds a licence.
  2) The limitation in subsection (1) does not apply to -
    (a) a dedicated hunter, dedicated sports person or a professional hunter who holds a licence issued in terms of this Act or any other holder of a licence issued in terms of this Act authorised by the Registrar to possess more than 200 cartridges for a firearm in respect of which he or she holds a licence on good cause shown; or
    (b) the holder of a licence to possess a firearm issued in terms of this Act in respect of ammunition bought and discharged at an accredited shooting range.


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