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Winchester Small Pistol Primers [1000]

Winchester Small Pistol Primers [1000]

Winchester Small Rifle Primers [1000]

Winchester Small Rifle Primers [1000]

Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers [1000]

The Winchester Small Pistol Primers is a pack of 1000 percussion caps used to reload magnum small pistol cartridges. Magnum primers are more powerful than standard primers and manufacturers typically recommend that magnum primers are to be used for ball or spherical powders as they are generally harder to ignite. All Winchester pistol primers are non-mercuric and non-corrosive. All Winchester products are manufactured to SAAMI industry specifications. 

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More Information
Primer Size Small Pistol
Primer Style Boxer
Primer Power Magnum
Primer Quality Standard
Brand Winchester
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.5
Package Quantity 1000
  • Non-mercuric
  • Non-corrosive
  • Suitable for Magnum loadings using ball/spherical powders
1000 x Small Pistol Magnum Primers