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Sierra Pro-Hunter Bullets - 30 Cal / .308

Sierra Pro-Hunter Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 110gr RN FMJ [100]

Sierra GameKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308

Sierra GameKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 150gr SBT [100]

Sierra Varminter Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 110gr HP [100]

The Sierra Varminter Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 110gr HP is a pack of 100 bullets ideal for reloading .308" and similar calibres. Varminter bullets are designed for varmint hunting, they are in most cases smaller calibres, provide rapid (almost explosive) expansion and are extremely accurate (to hit the typically small targets). This bullet is an expanding bullet that has a hollowed-out shape inside the tip intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target. Hollow point bullets are enclosed at the base, while traditional bullets are exposed. 

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More Information
Bullet Calibre 30 cal (.308)
Bullet Diameter in inches .308
Bullet Diameter in mm 7.82
Bullet Model Varminter
Bullet Base Flat Base (FB)
Bullet Nose Construction Hollow Point (HP)
Weight in Grains 110
Weight in Grams 7.12
Bullet Composition (Materials) Copper Jacketed Lead Core
Brand Sierra
Manufacturer Part Number 2110
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.2
SKU SRA-2110
Package Quantity 100
  • Withstand extremely high velocities
  • Suitable for all 30 caliber cartridges, including magnums
100 x Varminter 30 cal (.308) rifle reloading bullets.