Sierra MatchKing Bullets 270-cal 115gr SPT BT OTM [100]

The Sierra Matchking Bullets - 270 Cal / .277" 115gr HPBT is a pack of 100 bullets ideal for reloading .277" and similar calibres. MatchKing are competition bullets, they have a design that provides a high ballistic coefficient, are highly accurate over a longer range and have been used by many competitors to set world records. This bullet is an expanding bullet that has a hollowed-out shape inside the tip intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target. In target shooting, HP bullets are used for reduction of smoke, fouling and lead vapor exposure. Hollow point bullets are enclosed at the base, while traditional bullets are exposed. Boat Tail bullets are less sensitive to crosswinds, have a flatter trajectory, retain higher velocity downrange and deliver higher energy to the target in comparison to their flat base equivalents

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More Information
Bullet Calibre 270 cal / 6.8mm (.277)
Bullet Diameter in inches 0.277
Bullet Diameter in mm 7.04
Bullet Model MatchKing
Bullet Nose Shape Spitzer (SPT)
Bullet Base Boat Tail (BT)
Bullet Nose Construction Open tipped match (OTM)
Weight in Grains 115
Weight in Grams 7.45
Bullet Composition (Materials) Copper Jacketed Lead Core
Brand Sierra
Manufacturer Part Number 1815
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.20
SKU SRA-1815
Package Quantity 100
  • Won more target competitions than all target bullets from other manufacturers combined!
  • Worldwide acclaimed accuracy
  • Hollow point design for high ballistic coefficient
  • Boat tail shape to minimize base drag and further improve ballistic coefficient
100 x Matchking 270/6.8mm (.277) rifle reloading bullets.