Sierra GameKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308

Sierra GameKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 180gr SBT [100]

Sierra MatchKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308

Sierra MatchKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 168gr HPBT [100]

Sierra GameKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 200gr SBT [100]

The Sierra GameKing Bullets - 30 Cal / .308" 200gr SBT is a pack of 100 bullets ideal for reloading .308" and similar calibres. GameKing bullets are designed for hunting, they are boat tailed bullets which reduces drag and wind drift and are suitable for longer ranges. They are designed for better penetration and expansion on larger game than varmints. This bullet has a Spitzer shape that significantly reduces its base drag, resulting in a higher ballistic coefficient compared to other bullet shapes of the same grain.

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More Information
Bullet Calibre 30 cal (.308)
Bullet Diameter in inches .308
Bullet Diameter in mm 7.82
Bullet Model Gameking
Bullet Nose Shape Spitzer (SPT)
Bullet Base Boat Tail (BT)
Weight in Grains 200
Weight in Grams 12.95
Bullet Composition (Materials) Copper Jacketed Lead Core
Package Quantity 100
Brand Sierra
Manufacturer Part Number S2165
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.4
SKU SRA-2165
  • Dependable expansion and deep penetration in medium and heavy game animals
  • Boat tail shape significantly reduces base drag and sensitivity to crosswinds
  • Higher retained velocity and flatter trajectory (when compared to flat base equivalents)
100 x Gameking 30 cal (.308) rifle reloading bullets.