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Dillon M-Rifle Powder Funnel - 8mm

Dillon M-Rifle Powder Funnel - 8mm

Shooting Stuff Powder Funnel - 308 / 7.62mm

Shooting Stuff Powder Funnel - 308 / 7.62mm

Shooting Stuff Powder Funnel - 223 / 5.56mm

The Shooting Stuff Powder funnel for Mr.Bullet Feeder is a powder funnel designed to slightly flare rifle calibre cartridge cases when reloading .223 Rem and similar calibres on Dillon Precision’s progressive reloaders (RL550, XL 650 or Super 1050). Shooting stuff’s Powder funnel works together with the Mr. BulletFeeder or by hand feeding bullets. As the shell plate indexes, the flare and case neck expansion applied by the powder funnel allows long rifle bullets with a flat base or boat-tail to maintain adequate alignment and stability within the case neck to properly enter the bullet seating die.

Simply replace the original powder funnel inside your Dillon powder measure with this drop-in part

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