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S&B Brass - 40 S&W [50]

S&B Brass - 40 S&W [50]

S&B Brass - 303 Br [20]

S&B Brass - 303 Br [20]

S&B Brass - 30-06 Spr [20]

The Sellier & Bellot - 30-06 is a pack of 20 new cartridge cases. Large Rifle Boxer primers can be used to reload these cartridge cases as they are primerless.

S&B has been producing ammunition since 1825 which is used by hunters, competition shooters, law enforcement and military worldwide.

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More Information
Cartridge Calibre 30-06
Calibre AKA (Also known as) .30-06 Springfield
Cartridge Case Shape Bottleneck
Cartridge Case Rim Type Rimless
Primer Type Boxer
Primer Size Large Rifle
Case Material Brass
Cartridge Case Condition New
Brand S B
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.3
Package Quantity 20
20 x Sellier & Bellot Cartridge Cases