Redding Pro-Series Titanium Carbide 3-Die Set - 500 S&W

The Redding Pro-Series Titanium Carbide 3-Die Set - 500 S&W is a set of dies for reloading handgun ammunition on progressive reloading systems

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This die set allows you to re-size the full length of the cartridge case, while also removing the spent primer.

The pro-series seating die can also apply crimp (if necessary) and features a generous radius of the case mouth for easy case entry.

The separate crimp die, with a similar generous radius of the die-mouth, applies a profile crimp (i.e. roll crimp on rimmed calibres) or taper crimp if the cartridge headspaces on the case mouth (i.e. most pistol calibres).

Click here for more details on the functionality of Redding dies.

These pro-series dies have standard threads (7/8" x 14tpi), so can be used on most reloading machines. They are primarily intended for progressive reloading, where the case mouth is flared at the powder dispensing station, so this set does not include an expander die.

Case lube is optional on these carbide dies. In general, we recommend using an easy-to-apply, spray-on case lubricant like Smooth Glide (SSB-SGCL). 

Case lube saves wear and tear on the cartridge cases and your reloading equipment; you'll feel the significant reduction in force required to operate the press!

This die set can be used to load the following calibres: .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum

In the Titanium Carbide family of dies, the 9mm and 500 S&W are more expensive than other calibres.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 89291
Brand Redding
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.00
SKU RED-89291
Package Quantity 1.00
Crimp Die Adjustment Die Body
Crimp Die Type Profile Crimp
Seat Die Adjustment Adjustment screw
Seat Die Type Seat Only
Sizing Die Material Titanium Carbide
Size Die Expander None
Size Die Type Single Sizing Ring
Screw Thread 7/8" x 14 tpi
Reloading Application Progressive
Die Family Redding Pro-Series Titanium Carbide 3-Die Set
Die Function Crimp Only, Full Length Size Only, Seat Only
Die Calibre 500 S
Number of Dies in Set 3-Die Set
Calibre AKA (Also known as) .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum, 12.7x41mmSR
  • Suitable for the following calibre(s): .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum
  • Die material: Titanium Carbide
  • Micrometer Adjusted Seating
  • Screw thread: 7/8x14tpi

Sizing Die:

  • Titanium Carbide (TiC) sizing ring.
  • Lubeless resizing.

Crimp Die:

  • Controlled Profile crimp.

Seating Die:

  • Seating depth set by Adjustment screw.

Lifetime Warranty

Green Plastic Storage Box, containing:
  • TiC Sizing Die
  • Seating Die (with crimp)
  • Profile Crimp Die
  • Spare Decapping Pin
  • Allen Key
  • Printed Instructions
  • Redding Decal (Sticker)