Once-Fired Brass - 300 BLK [100]

The Once-Fired Brass - 300 BLK is a pack of 100 cartridge cases sourced from single-use ranges. In this way we can ensure that the brass is genuinely once-fired. The cases are all cleaned and sorted into lots with the same head stamp (where quantities allow). Where necessary the cases are de-primed, and the primer pocket swaged to remove any crimp. Shooting Stuff's Once-fired Cartridge Cases are guaranteed to be once-fired, are all Boxer-primed and are also sorted into batches of the same brand so that you can reload the best possible ammunition!

Consistent cases offer more consistent internal case volume, more consistent flaring / belling of the case mouth and a consistent crimp, where applicable.

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More Information
Cartridge Calibre 300 BLK
Calibre AKA (Also known as) .300 Blackout, .300 AAC Blackout, .300 AAC, 7.62x35mm
Cartridge Case Shape Bottleneck
Cartridge Case Rim Type Rimless
Primer Type Boxer
Primer Size Small Rifle
Case Material Brass
Cartridge Case Condition Once Fired
Brand Shooting Stuff
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.70
Package Quantity 100
  • Sourced from Single Use ranges to ensure all cases are only once-fired
  • Cleaned and sorted into matching brands / head-stamps (where quantities allow)
  • De-primed and swaged (where neccesary)
100 x Once-Fired Cartridge Cases