L.E Wilson Adjustable Case Gauge - 338 Win Mag

The L.E Wilson Adjustable Case Gauge is a tool designed to check overall length (min/max) of belted-magnum cases to indicate the need for trimming and, when used with the L.E Wilson Case Gauge Depth Micrometer, this Adjustable Case Gauge checks the datum-to-head length to assure correct headspace and to prevent excessive re-sizing of the cartridge case.

While the belt provides support for proper head-space, the life of the case will drastically shorten unless resizing is held to a minimum at the shoulder. These gages, which can be adjusted to be used with individual rifles of the same caliber, will enable the hand-loader to control the amount of resizing simply by measuring a fired case.

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This one-piece gauge will check overall length to indicate the need for trimming, datum-to-head length to assure correct headspace and to prevent over sizing. A calibre-specific gauge is available for several popular belted-magnum cases. The Adjustable Case Gauge  allows you to measure just how much you are sizing back the shoulder on your cases. 
This is best done by following the steps below. 
  • Measure a case in the "as fired" condition, using the L.E Wilson Case Gauge Depth Micrometer. Note the headspace measurement.
  • Resize the case on the current die setting.
  • Then place the case back in the gauge to see just how much the shoulder is being bumped back. As before, this can be measured by using the Case Gauge Depth Micrometer.
  • Finally, adjust the sizing die accordingly to achieve the desired shoulder set back. 
After sizing your cases, there is a good chance the brass will lengthen. The gauge will also check min/max case length and will point out the need for case trimming. This is an essential tool for every reloader. 
Note: This Adjustable Case Gauge does not measure body diameters. It is intended to be used with fired cases to determine a basis for full-length sizing and trimming.
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Cartridge Calibre 338 Win Mag
Gauge Material Stainless Steel
Brand LE Wilson
Manufacturer Part Number CGA-338WN
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.20
Package Quantity 1.00
One Gauge