Frontier CMJ Bullets 22-cal 62gr SpFP BB .224'' [1000]

The Frontier CMJ Bullets - 22 cal 62gr Spitzer Flat Point (SPFP) is a pack of 1000 bullets ideal for reloading .223 Rem and similar calibres. This pack of Copper Metal Jacket (CMJ) bullets are affordable, accurate and provide superb performance. CMJ bullets have a lead bullet core, covered completely in a copper plating rather than a traditional copper jacket. These bullets are ideal for recreational and competitive shooting.

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More Information
Bullet Calibre 22 cal / 5.56mm (.223 - .224)
Bullet Diameter in inches 0.224
Bullet Diameter in mm 5.69
Bullet Model CMJ
Bullet Nose Shape Spitzer Flat Point (SpFP)
Bullet Base Bevel Base (BB)
Bullet Nose Construction Copper Metal Jacket (CMJ)
Weight in Grains 62
Weight in Grams 4.02
Bullet Composition (Materials) Copper Plated Lead Core
Brand Frontier
Manufacturer Part Number 100101
Shipping Weight (Kg) 4.30
Package Quantity 1000