Dillon Super 1050 Short Trim-die Tool head

The Dillon Super 1050 Short Trim-die Tool Head is required to trim short rifle cartridges like the .300 Blackout when using the RT 1500 or RT 1200B electric case trimmer on the Dillon Super 1050 or RL 1050 progressive reloading machine.
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The regular tool head is too thick to achieve the correct case length with very short rifle cartridges.

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Package Quantity 1.00
Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 62219
Shipping Weight (Kg) 2.50
SKU DLN-62219
  • Suitable for the Dillon Super 1050 and RL 1050
  • Steel, 8 station tool head.
  • Standard 7/8x14tpi die threads.

Machined thinner for trimming .300 Blackout and similar short rifle cases.

1 x tool head assembly