Dillon Steel 3-die Set - 223 Rem

Dillon Steel 3-die Set - 223 Rem

Dillon Steel 3-die Set - 308 Win

Dillon Steel 3-die Set - 308 Win

Dillon Steel 3-die Set - 30-06 Spr

The Dillon .30-06 Spr Steel Rifle 3-die set is used for reloading .30-06 Spr ammunition. This 3-die set includes a sizing/depriming die, a bullet seating die and a crimp die. Dillon dies are designed to work best on Dillon progressive reloading machines. All Dillon dies have standard 7/8"x14tpi threads and the rifle calibre sizing/depriming die has an intergral stuck-case remover designed in! The new 1" lock rings allow a little more space on the tool head (when adjusting the dies) for the 1" wrench to fit. Case lube is required for steel rifle dies (we recommend Dillon case lube). 

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More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 10840
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.6
SKU DLN-10840
Package Quantity 1
Sizing Die Material Steel
Reloading Application Progressive, Turret, Single Stage
Die Family Dillon Steel Die Set
Die Function Decapping, Full Length Sizing, Seating, Crimping
Die Calibre 30-06
Number of Dies in Set 3-Die Set
  • Suitable for the following calibre(s): .30-06 Spr
  • Sizing die material: Steel
  • Seating die material: Steel
  • Crimp die material: Steel
  • Screw thread: 7/8x14tpi

All Dillon dies are hex-headed for easy adjustment using a wrench.

Sizing Die :

  • Full-length steel die with radiussed opening, to work best on progressive reloaders!
  • Polished to a high micro-finish
  • Sizes to minimum tolerances, to ensure proper functioning in self-loading rifles
  • Solid, 1-piece decapping pin
  • Carbide expander ball for effortless neck expansion
  • Decapping assembly serves as stuck case remover, if required

Bullet seating die:

  • Generously radiussed die mouth for smooth progressive reloading

Crimp die :

  • Precise, uniform taper crimp

Blue plastic box containing:

  • 1x Sizing/depriming die
  • 1x Bullet seating die
  • 1x Crimp die
  • Spare decapping pin
  • Instruction manual