Dillon Small Pistol Casefeed Plate

The Dillon Casefeed Plate is the grey disc for the Dillon electric casefeeder that sorts the cartridge cases. It is an essential component of the casefeed assembly. There are five different casefeed plates to cover all calibres: Small pistol for handgun calibres like 9mm, .38 Spl etc. Small rifle for rifle calibres like .223 Rem etc. Large pistol for handgun calibres like .45 ACP, .44 mag etc. Large rifle for rifle calibres like .308 Win, .30-06 etc. Magnum rifle for belted magnum rifle calibres, like .375 H&H etc. Please contact us if you are in doubt about the size you require!

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Machine Compatibility RF 100, RL 450, AT 500, BL 550, RL 550
Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 21073
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.70
SKU DLN-21073
Package Quantity 1.00
  • Suitable for the Dillon XL 650 and Super 1050 progressive reloading machines, and other devices.
  • Made from impact and abrasion resistant polypropylene.
    • Integral clutch
    • One casefeed plate with integral clutch