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Dillon RL 550B Tool Head

Dillon RL 550B Tool Head

Dillon Super 1050 Tool Head Assembly

Dillon Super 1050 Tool Head Assembly

Dillon SDB Tool Head Assembly

The Dillon SDB Tool Head Assembly is a removable plate that holds the dies and powder measure in the Dillon Square Deal B progressive reloading machine.The tool head holds the dies in perfect alignment so no re-adjustment is necessary when changing between calibres.
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To change calibres on the SDB we recommend setting up the dies for each calibre in a separate tool head assembly. 

This assembly includes an additional SDB powder die so that the powder measure activation and/or belling of pistol cases remains unchanged. 

For ultimate convenience consider the SDB Quick Change Assembly #16378.

More Information
Package Quantity 1
Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 20113
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.5
SKU DLN-20113
  • Suitable for the Dillon SDB.
  • Steel, 4 station tool head.
  • Requires Dillon's proprietary SDB dies

Interchangeable tool head assembly.

One tool head assembly, comprising:

  • Tool head plate (black)
  • Delrin Die Lock/Friction Plate (blue)
  • SDB powder die
  • SDB decapping assembly
  • Powder Die Ring Clamp
  • Crimp Adjustment Screw