Dillon SDB Tool Head Assembly

The Dillon SDB Tool Head Assembly is a removable plate that holds the dies and powder measure in the Dillon Square Deal B progressive reloading machine.The tool head holds the dies in perfect alignment so no re-adjustment is necessary when changing between calibres.
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To change calibres on the SDB we recommend setting up the dies for each calibre in a separate tool head assembly. 

This assembly includes an additional SDB powder die so that the powder measure activation and/or belling of pistol cases remains unchanged. 

For ultimate convenience consider the SDB Quick Change Assembly #16378.

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Package Quantity 1.00
Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 20113
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.50
SKU DLN-20113
  • Suitable for the Dillon SDB.
  • Steel, 4 station tool head.
  • Requires Dillon's proprietary SDB dies

Interchangeable tool head assembly.

One tool head assembly, comprising:

  • Tool head plate (black)
  • Delrin Die Lock/Friction Plate (blue)
  • SDB powder die
  • SDB decapping assembly
  • Powder Die Ring Clamp
  • Crimp Adjustment Screw