Dillon RL 550 Comprehensive Setup for 9mm Luger

The Dillon RL 550 Comprehensive Setup for 9mm Luger is a progressive reloader capable of loading 400 to 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition per hour. Shooting Stuff has included all the options and safety features, all the things that make the RL 550 Dillon’s most popular reloader worldwide. Barring the bullet feeder, this is the "Full Monty"! Click here to review a full description of the RL 550 and the many available options.

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Reloading Application Progressive
Brand Dillon Precision
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Shooting Stuff's Comprehensive RL 550 system comprises the following:

  • RL 550B machine
This is "the big white box" that includes the main reloading machine with the tool head and primer system already fitted and 
  • Calibre Conversion Kit Box, with calibre-specific parts for 9mm Luger
  • Primer early warning system
  • Operating handle, with knob
  • Powder measure
  • RL 550 Accessory Bag
  • RL 550 Accessory Box
  • Printed Instruction Manual
  • Dillon 9mm Carbide Die Set

3-die set for progressive relaoding machines:

  • Carbide sizing die with decapping assembly
  • Bullet seating die
  • Separate taper crimp die
  • Low Powder Sensor
This is a warning system that provides an audible and visual reminder when it's time to refill your powder reservoir.
  • Machine Mount
Shooting Stuff's blue, powder coated machine mount raises the entire RL 550 above the bench's top, and spreads the load. A more stable system simply loads better! If necessary, the assembled 550-system stands securely on the machine mount.
  • Bullet Tray
Dillon's cast Bullet Tray mounts to the left plate of the machine mount, and holds a few hundred bullets conveniently close to where they're needed.
  • Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket
The Shooting Stuff Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket (RL550) is a kit that positions the empty cardridge cases conveniently on the right-hand side of the Dillon RL550B progressive reloading machine, ready for inserting into station 1.
  • Toolkit
Shooting Stuff's Toolkit for the RL 550 is a stylish, one-piece bracket that mounts to the "blue" Dillon progressive reloading machines to organise and store a set of ball-ended Allen wrenches and the 1-inch spanner. These tools are supplied in the kit and are what's required to adjust and basically service the machine.
  • Smooth-glide Roller Handle
Shooting Stuff's roller handle runs on sealed bearings for enhanced reloading comfort and tactile feedback when seating primers.
  • Primer Flip Tray
Dillon's metal flip tray is used to quickly get primers "the right way up" after dispensing these from their tray.
  • Primer Pick-up Tubes
A pack of 4 additional primer pick-up tubes used to pick-up small primers from the Flip Tray. Together with the one included with the reloading machine you'll be able to pre-fill 500 primers so that you can conveniently load a substantail batch of ammo with minimum interuption to replenish components.
  • Case lube
While not absolutely essential when using carbide dies, we highly recommend Dillon's easy-to-apply, spray-on case lube. Trust us on this - you'll feel the difference!
  • Case Gauge
Check each and every one of your 9mm cartridges for absolute confidence that none have high primers, none are cracked nor have other damage. If that sounds like too much effort just use the gauge occasionally to keep your reloading process in tune. Worth its weight in Stainless Steel!
  • Spare Parts Kit
A collection of small parts that could easily get lost, or break, consider the Spare Parts Kit your insurance package until the Dillon Lifetime No-B.S. Warranty kicks in. After all, Murphy's Law states that if something can go wrong it will, and at the worst possible time (like the night before your match)
  • Machine Cover
Our machine covers are designed to keep the machine dust free. They have a locking feature to secure the machine from little hands, or other unauthorised tampering.
  • DVD Instruction Manual
Video conveys so much more than printed pictures and text. You won't find this info on YouTube!
  • Setup

We will gladly setup your machine for you for FREE, as far as possible.

  • If you collect from us we can fully assemble the machine and included accessories, and then adjust the dies and powder charge.
  • If we ship the kit to you via courier, the extent of the setup is limited since we need to re-package the kit for safe shipping. We can install and adjust the dies, and set the powder charge, but you'll need to assemble all the bits.


Please make notes when checking out & finalising your purchase that include your load details, or send us an e-mail once your order is confirmed. If you want to assemble and setup everything yourself, learning the most about your machine, just omit the notes at check-out - simple!