Dillon Primer Flip Tray

The Dillon Primer Flip Tray is a metal, two-piece device to sort primers right-side up so that they can be picked up via a primer pick-up tube for transfer into the primer magazine of your favourite Dillon progressive reloading machine.
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Carefully pour the primers into the rough side of the tray and shake this gently. When all the primers are upside down (priming compound visible), place the smooth side of the tray over the rough side, sandwiching the primers inside. While keeping the two parts squeezed gently, yet firmly, together, flip the tray over. Remove the rough side, leaving the primers on the smooth side of the tray, each one shiny-side up. The primers are now ready to be picked up by dabbing each with the tip of an appropraite primer pick-up tube.

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Primer Size Large Pistol
Manufacturer Part Number 13606
Brand Dillon Precision
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.70
SKU DLN-13606
Package Quantity 1

Tray diameter: ~145mm Colour: black

Although many others make theirs from plastic, Dillon's heavier metal tray is rigid and sturdy so that primers are less likely to bounce over during the pick-up process. The larger diameter tray better accomodates the larger packaging used by some primer manufacturers.

One metal flip tray, in two halves