Dillon Powder Check System

The Dillon Powder Check System is a valuable saftey system that checks the powder charge in each and every cartridge case during the loading process. The system detects and warns via audible beep when the charge is too high or too low.
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This is a safety sensor, not an accuracy check! A powder die is included to fit the Powder Check sensor onto the tool head. The system is compatible with the XL 650 and the Super 1050 machines. Dillon's safety sensors are for when something goes wrong and you're distracted, or not concentrating.

More Information
Brand Dillon Precision
Manufacturer Part Number 21044
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.50
SKU DLN-21044
Package Quantity 1.00
  • Not compatible with the SDB, BL550 nor the RL550B
  • Colour: Dillon blue

The Powder Check System includes:

  • Powder Check Sensor Housing
  • Powder die
  • Push Rod
  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • Small probe for .22 to .29-cal
  • Medium probe for .30 to .41-cal
  • Large probe for .44 to .45-cal
  • Instruction Manual