CCI Orange Clay Targets [150]

CCI Orange Clay Targets [150]

FlatPack Alpha Modular Target Stand

The FlatPack Alpha Modular Target Stand is a modular target stand that features a unique and innovative design, making cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to store target stands something of the past.

Flatpack Alpha Modular Target Stands are flexible and light, easy to throw into the backseat of your car and won’t break easily.

You can quickly set up courses, linking together stands to form target arrays using only one or two stands. The stands are extremely sturdy, using anchor points on the feet to prevent them from falling over (it is surprisingly difficult to have one fall over!).

Please see the embedded video to get an idea of how the target stands will be in action.

Please note that the Flatpack Alpha Modular Target Stand is just the stand and does not include targets or the wooden posts.

Package includes : 2 x Feet, 2 x Cross Beams, 6 x Struts.

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