Which Dillon is right for me?

Compare Dillon reloading machines below to find the machine best suited to your needs and budget. Std Opt N/A
  Square Deal B BL 550 RL 550B XL 650 Super 1050 Shotgun SL 900

Dillon's automatic-indexing progressive reloader designed to load moderate quantities of common handgun calibers from .32 S&W to .4f5 Colt. 

It comes to you from the factory set to load one caliber. 

Dillon's Basic Loader 550 is the  RL550B stripped down to its most basic form. 

The BL550 adds a whole new dimension of versatility for the shooter/ hunter who wants to feed several rifles.

The most versatile reloader available, capable of loading over 160 calibers. An automatic casefeeder is available for handgun calibers. 

Manual indexing and an optional magnum powder bar allow you to load magnum rifle calibers. 

Truly the state of the art, Dillon's XL650 features automatic indexing, an optional automatic casefeeder and a separate station for an optional powder-level sensor.

Available in most  pistol and rifle calibers.

Dillon's commercial machine, the Super 1050 evolved from the original RL1050. 

It now features a lengthened frame and new crank assembly, increasing stroke length for rifle cartridges, with minimum handle stroke for high production.

Dillon's SL900 is the new standard in shotshell reloading! 

The SL900 features easily adjustable, case activated powder and shot dispensing systems that eliminate troublesome bushing changes, along with spilled powder and shot.

Cyclic Rate (Rounds per Hour)  400   150  550  1000  1200  800
Loading Rate (In one Hour)  350  150  500  800  1000  600
Caliber Change Time (min) 10  5  5  10  20  15
Number of stations  4  4  4  5  8  5
Automatic shell plate indexing
Automatic case feeder  Handgun only  Handgun only
Dies included?  Yes No  No  No  Yes  Yes 
Uses standard ⅞” x 14 tpi dies  No Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No 
Separate seating and crimping  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Powder check system          
Low primer warning system          N/A
Failsafe powder system          
 Lifetime, No B-S.  Lifetime, No B-S.  Lifetime, No B-S.  Lifetime, No B-S.  1 Year  Lifetime, No B-S.
Primer magazine capacity  100 N/A 100  100  100  100 
Powder measure capacity  340 g N/A   340 g  340 g 340 g  340 g 
Shipping weight 9 kg  16 kg  16 kg  26 kg   N/A 43 kg 
- with Case Feeder  N/A N/A  45 kg  35 kg  38 kg  52 kg 
Height Required above bench   850 mm 410 mm  875 mm  1100 mm  1170 mm  1250 mm 
- with strong mount +220 mm  +220 mm  +220 mm  +150 mm  N/A  (strong mount is standard) 
Benchtop overhang required None  20 mm  20 mm  20 mm  None  None 
- with strong mount None  None  None  None  N/A  None 
Pistol  .32 S&W to .45 Colt All Common  All Common  All Common  Most Common   N/A 
Rifle N/A All Common   All Common  Most Common    Limited (up to .30-06 length) N/A 
Shotgun N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  12 ga, 20 ga, 28 ga 
  Std Opt N/A

Please note

  • "Std" stands for Standard
  • "Opt" stands for Optional
  • "N/A" stands for Not available