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Double Alpha PSP Brush - Dillon 650 / 750

Double Alpha PSP Brush - Dillon 650 / 750

UniqueTek Loaded Round Counter

UniqueTek Loaded Round Counter

Shooting Stuff No-Spill Spent-Primer kit for XL650 / XL750

The Shooting Stuff NoSpill Primer Kit for XL 650 / XL 750 is an upgrade to the Dillon XL 650 / 750 progressive reloading machine that ensures all spent primers and any unused live primers are captured and retained during the loading process. The NoSpill Primer Kit prevents any primers ending on the floor! XL 650 / 750 users are often frustrated by the ~5% of spent primers that end up on the floor, and all the more so when the occasional unused live primer follows the ski-jump to join the mess. This kit ensures that all of these primers are captured into appropriate plastic bottles; the floor remains clean and tidy!

This kit is suitable for the Dillon XL 650 / XL 750 machine mounted on Strong Mount or Machine Mount. A plastic bottle is secured to a steel mounting bracket that affixes to the Strong Mount or Machine Mount.

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R 375.00
Categories : Reloading , Machine Accessories , Primer Pick-up , Cool Upgrades

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Brand Shooting Stuff
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