Rollsizer Mini

Rollsizer Mini

Rollsizer DC Electric

The Rollsizer DC is a machine built to solve the issue of case bulging. A fired case stretches to match the chamber dimensions when fired thus resulting in a bulge (or stretch) at the base of the case, this bulge can vary significantly between firearms and grows over time (through multiple uses of brass). Most normal reloading processes cannot reliably reform cases correctly 100% of the time, due to basic limitations in the reloading process.

The roll sizing process essentially rolls cases in a machine that removes the bulge at the base of the case and enables the production of good quality consistent ammunition that will feed in your firearm. Paired with normal sizing dies and ammunition formed to SAAMI specifications, feeding and reliability will be vastly improved. Use of the roll sizer will also save time and effort in case gauging and removes the creases around the base of the case without damaging your cases.

In several commercial applications reloaders have had to retire cases as they would not gauge consistently using normal processing methods, but with the use of the rollsizer ammunition cases gauged reliably saving significant time and brass!

The rollsizer DC is the middle ground of the three rollsizing machines, featuring a DC motor to automate brass rolling. This machine however rolls less brass per minute than the commercial machine. This is a machine well suited for most users and use cases.

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