Mr Bullet Feeder - 40 / 10mm

Mr Bullet Feeder - 40 / 10mm

Mr Bullet feeder - 38 / 9mm

The Mr. Bulletfeeder - 38 / 9mm is a bullet feeder for your progressive reloading machine that was and still is quickly appreciated for efficiency and reliability. Mr. Bullet Feeder has always been “rough” in appearance and was made from existing materials and parts, lacking a “refined” production process. Mr. Bullet Feeder was also handmade creating greater demand than availability. Thankfully, that has all changed due to a retool and redesign of the Mr. Bulletfeeder. The new system is manufactured under licence by RAK systems, through Double Alpha. The new system is lighter and more compact, easier to install and has a more professional look and feel. The new dropper design eliminates the need for spring or small plastic parts in the dropper head and utilities gravity and geometric design. This is a must have on your progressive reloader!

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