Glock 26 Gen5 MOS Pistol

Glock 26 Gen5 MOS Pistol

Glock 27 Gen5 FS MOS Pistol

Glock 27 Gen5 FS MOS Pistol

Glock 27 Gen5 Pistol

The Glock 27 Gen5 Pistol is a fifth-generation, polymer framed, semi-auto pistol with the patented 'safe-action' trigger system. Standard magazines hold 9-rounds of 40 S&W ammunition. This subcompact, black pistol will accept longer magazines. Gen5 features include the Glock Marksman Barrel, ambidextrous slide stop, nDLC finish, Gen5 grip (no finger grooves, integral mag well, Gen5 texture, IBS)

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Glock Safe-Action pistols were introduced in the 1980's and have excelled in military, police and civilian environments. The Glock was the first commercially successful polymer framed handgun. Initially offered in 9x19mm Glock pistols are now available in many other calibres too.

With several different sizes available, there is a Glock to suit almost any requirement. Long-slide models are great for competition, standard models are well suited for officers on duty, for example, and the compact, sub-compact or slimline models offer a balanced, self-defence capability. Their versatility ensures that most models are multi-functional, serving well for home defence, daily carry, duty or competition!

The polymer frame and grip is tough, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Tenifer, the 'nearly hard as diamond' Glock surface treatment, protects the barrel and slide while remaining anti-reflective.

Shooting Stuff recommends Glock pistols! With minimal external controls they are extremely easy to use and to learn to use, for left-handed and right-handed shooters! They are reliable, durable and lightweight. Three independent, automatic safety features ensure that the pistol fires when, and only when, the trigger is deliberately pulled. All three safety features re-engage when the trigger is released, automatically securing the pistol again. We believe that Glock is the best supported firearms brand in South Africa, with spares, magazines, holsters and many aftermarket accessories available ex-stock.

Three automatic safety features:

  1. The trigger safety prevents inadvertent firing by lateral force on the trigger, and is automatically depressed when initial tension is applied to the trigger. It automatically resets when the trigger is released.
  • The firing pin safety is a hardened steel plunger that blocks the firing pin from igniting the chambered cartridge until the trigger is pulled to the rear, pushing the firing pin safety up and out of the way. It automatically reactivates when the trigger is released.
  • The drop safety prevents the trigger mechanism from "activating" and firing an unintentional shot in the event that the pistol drops or falls onto a hard surface. Only with sufficient rearward travel of the trigger can the firing pin be released, firing the shot.

The extractor serves as a loaded chamber indicator, and the trigger offers further visual and tactile cues to the gun's status.

Standard models are well suited to open carry by law enforcement officers, and remain popular with competition shooters and larger framed people for concealed carry.

More Information
Firearm Model 27
Model Geneation Fifth
Firearm Action Semi-Automatic
Number of Barrels Single Barrel
Firearm Type Handgun
Firearm Size Sub-Compact
Firearm Calibre 40 S&W
Firearm Trigger Action Safe Action
Number of Triggers One
Firearm Cartridge Capacity 9
Brand Glock
Shipping Weight (Kg) 2
Package Quantity 1