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The Shooting Stuff shop is at 120 Edison Crescent, Hennopspark, Centurion, 0157.

Shooting Stuff stocks a variety of firearms and reloading equipment, as well as accessories mostly related to sports shooting, but also including hunting, firearms collecting and self-defence.

Reloading Equipment

Shooting Stuff stocks Dillon Precision Products – a comprehensive range of progressive reloading machines – and all the reloading components and accessories you might need. These include a variety of reloading machines for handgun, rifle and shotgun, as well as calibre conversion kits and machine accessories, case preparation equipment, measuring and checking equipment, tools and accessories.

Visit our shop and tap into the shooting and reloading experience of the staff at Shooting Stuff. Also have a look at the various Dillon reloading machines on display and ask all your reloading questions. 

Reloading Components

Shooting Stuff stocks reloading components for handgun, rifle and shotgun reloading. This includes Frontier bullets for handguns and Sierra bullets for rifle reloading. All Somchem propellants and a selection of quality-brand pistol, rifle and shotgun primers is normally available. Shooting Stuff specialises in once-fired brass, but also offers a variety of new and used cartridge cases.

Firearms, Ammunition & Accessories

Shooting Stuff offers firearms for sport shooting, as well as for self-defence, hunting and collecting. Visit our showroom to see the variety on offer, and get the look and feel of the firearm that is right for you.

Shooting Stuff stocks ammunition in a variety of calibres.

Firearm parts and accessories include gun spares for Glock and Infinity pistols, magazines, sights, optics, suppressors / silencers and much more.

Shooting Gear

Shooting Stuff stocks everything you need on the shooting range: chronographs, shot timers, targets, patches, gun cases and bags, holsters, protective gear and much more.


Shooting Stuff stocks a variety of shooting and reloading accessories to make your shooting life easier and better. Look at our books and DVDs, humidifiers, gun cleaning kits, lubricants, safes, tools, knives, clothing and much more.


Shooting Stuff not only sells firearms and reloading equipment, but also supports you throughout your ownership and use of the equipment. The many services on offer include training and setup in the initial phases, all the way through on-going service and warranty support.

Shooting Stuff fully supports Dillon’s Lifetime No-BS warranty. On the non-industrial Dillon machines, any broken or worn-out mechanical parts on your Dillon reloader are replaced free of charge – you only pay for shipping. The fine print excludes parts of the de-priming system on all machines and also the Dillon Super 1050 machine, which is intended for commercial / industrial use. All other mechanical parts are covered under the warranty, and Shooting Stuff stocks a huge variety of spare Dillon parts. If we do not have it in stock we will get it.

Shooting Stuff is an Authorised Dillon Service Centre. Our staff has the expertise to set up any of the Dillon reloading machines for you, and to service your machine. Whether your machine just requires an annual clean & lube, or a complete refurbishment, or if something broke, wore out or just doesn’t work properly anymore, Shooting Stuff is here to help!

Other services on offer include reloading courses, firearm storage, gun and airgun servicing, repairs & maintenance (excluding gunsmith-only work) as well as Cerakote.