MP200 Alternative

No MP200? No Problem!

How do you load for your 9mm when Somchem's MP200 is not available?

One option is to use Somchem's S121. This is a faster burning propellant than MP200 and will result in higher pressure peaks - more stress on your pistol. But its available......

Shooting Stuff now has stock of two imported propellants with similar burn characteristics to Somchem's MP200 :

Hodgden Titegroup and VihtaVuori N330.

Changing your load from MP200 is staightforward, though it will require some load development. Both Hodgden and VihtaVuori have load data available online. Good reloading practices suggest that you reduce your charge by 10% when making a change like this. The manufacturer's recommend charge is another essential input in your starting load. You can then work your way up to the desired performance levels of speed and accuracy.

This is always easier said than done... Shooting Stuff has the expertise and experiance to help you make it work and get you back to shooting reloaded 9mm ammo. Phone a friend! We are here to help.