S&B Ammo - 6.5mm Creedmoor 156gr SP [20]

S&B Ammo - 6.5mm Creedmoor 156gr SP [20]

S&B Ammo - 7x57mm 140gr SP [20]

The S&B Ammo - 7x57mm 140gr SP is rifle ammunition produced in Vlašim, Czech Republic. This ammunition is loaded with a 140 grain soft point (SP) bullet, ideal for hunting and target shooting.

Soft Point bullets feature a lead core with a precisely engineered jacket, this results in controlled expansion and high weight retention.

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More Information
Cartridge Calibre 7x57
Bullet Grain 140gr
Ammunition Use Hunting, Sport Shooting
Bullet Nose Construction Soft Point (SP)
Cartridge Case Shape Bottleneck
Cartridge Case Rim Type Rimless
Cartridge Case Material Brass
Brass Condition New Brass
Primer Size Large Rifle
Primer Type Boxer
Brand S B
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1
SKU SB-7X57140
Package Quantity 20