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The Shooting Range is open!

The Shooting Range at Shooting Stuff is approved by the NRCS and is now open for business.

  • Shooting Range is a sister company to Shooting Stuff, responsible for all aspects of the Shooting Range at Shooting Stuff. We currently offer firearms training and occasional shooting, as well as monthly Club shoots. This will expand to include unit standard training, recreational shooting, firearm rentals, and more, once Shooting Range’s SAPS accreditation is finalised.
  • Shooting Range offers occasional shooting for licensed firearm owners. We have 30-minute slots available for up to 3 people at a time, at R100 per person per session. A discounted R250 secures your slot for private use of our 10m facility; ideal for you or small groups. Our experienced range officers are in attendance to ensure safety, and to help less experienced shooters. If there is no one else needing the range after you, we are relaxed about time limits. 
  • The Shooting Club is open to new members. Benefits of joining the Shooting Club include in-store discounts, discounted range fees, preferential access to Club competitions and being part of a growing community of firearm enthusiasts. The Club’s mission is to create fun shooting opportunities and make it easy for you to get and maintain dedicated sport shooting status, which is why the Shooting Range is an NHSA-friendly range. Costs are a once-off R1000 to join the club, plus R1500 for the remainder of 2021. 
  • The Shooting Club will host our first club competition from 13:00 on Tuesday 4 May (Hmm, Star Wars day!) The Shooting Range will be closed for general shooting from 1pm. The Club shoot should take just a few minutes and no more than 25 rounds from your favourite blaster. You’re welcome to call in and book a slot, or just stop by when convenient. R30 for Club members and R100 for non-members. Ammo is available for sale in-store for most calibres. Details about this Star Wars themed event will follow; May the Fourth be with you as you shoot for the stars!
  • Shooting Range offers firearm training. From introductory courses for the complete novice to advanced skills for serious competitors, we want to make shooting safe and fun for everyone.

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Still Shooting Stuff

Despite the excitement of the new shooting range, Shooting Stuff is still your one stop reloading shop - giving you more time to shoot!
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