How do you import firearms into South Africa? The guns themselves are much more regulated than just the parts, and the process starts with ITAR Import Permits available through the DTI. With these and any other paperwork required by the exporting country, like an end-user certificate, you should be able to conclude the commercial part of the deal with the supplier. Not all suppliers are willing and able to go through the hassles of exporting from their country, but some are. Once you have found the willing and able supplier, and have bought the gun, they must apply for an export permit from their authorities. With their export documentation and all your permits in hand, apply to the SAPS for a Police Import permit. While the ITAC permits are general, the SAPS import permit is for a specific firearm, or firearms, listed by serial number. It is not advisable to allow any gun to ship to South Africa without actually having the valid SAPS Import permit in hand. Note that SAPS do not allow firearms to be imported on a temporary permit, then “left behind” and converted to permanent. In such situation they must first be removed from the country to close the temporary permit and the permanent import process started afresh!