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Which Saturday is Shooting Stuff open ?
We are normally open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. So in February we will be open on Saturday the 13th and Saturday the 27th .

Due to the ongoing impact of the Presidential economic sabotage, the catastrophic collapse in the value of the Rand continues. The price of most goods increased in January. The good news is that our love of shooting and dedication to service excellence remains unaffected!

  • Reloading

    Shooting Stuff supplies Dillon Precision progressive reloading machines, which are available for reloading handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition. We stock most Dillon reloading machines and have a comprehensive supply of spare parts on hand. We supply reloading components, including various brands of primers, Somchem propellant, Frontier bullets, Sierra rifle bullets and a wide variety of cartridge cases. Shooting Stuff offers training and service, reconditioning and upgrade of Dillon reloading equipment.

    Shooting Stuff’s extensive reloading experience on Dillon equipment is available to you.

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  • Firearms

    Shooting Stuff supplies firearms and ammunition for self-defence and sport shooting – handguns, shotguns and rifles for 3-gun shooting. We buy and sell second-hand firearms – and we stock both Glock and CZ pistols. We have limited stock of hunting ammunition.


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  • Accessories

    Shooting Stuff offers the accessories you need for sport shooting; shooting stuff is what we do! Rudy Project shooting glasses, CED chronographs and shot timers, targets and patches, CR Speed and Safariland holsters, gun cleaning and lubrication, and much, much more.


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  • Services

    Shooting Stuff also offers the following services:

    Dillon Repairs & Initial Assembly.

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    Cerakote by Piet van Wyk de Vries.

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    Firearm Storage.

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We’d like to say a big Thank You to our many loyal clients for your support over the years.